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Rochester Electronics

Image of Rochester's Analog Devices ADUM140x

Analog Devices ADUM140x Quad-Channel Digital Isolators

Operates up to 90Mbs, provides ease of design, and low power operation.

Image of Rochester's  NXP MC68EN360


Multiple integrated and flexible serial controllers for networking and communication applications.

Image of Rochester's Texas Instruments TMS320

Texas Instruments TMS320

On-chip memory and a variety of peripherals, allowing for use in many applications.

Image of Rochester's Ampleon BLA1011 LDMOS RF Power Transistor

Ampleon BLA1011 LDMOS RF Power Transistor

Provides low thermal resistance. Ideal for high-speed and high-power switching applications.

Image of Rochester's Cypress CY7C025 Dual Port Static RAM

Cypress CY7C025 4K/8k/16 x 16-Bit Dual Port Static RAM

Access to memory locations, operates 3.3V supply. Provides high speed access (20nS).

Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics è il più grande fornitore di semiconduttori al mondo, autorizzata al 100% da oltre 70 produttori leader. Le soluzioni complete per il ciclo di vita dei semiconduttori di Rochester includono distribuzione autorizzata, produzione dietro licenza e servizi di produzione.