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Image of Analog Devices' ADM3057E Signal and Power Isolated CAN Transceiver
ADM3057E Signal and Power Isolated CAN Transceiver

Analog Devices' ADM3057E is a 3 kVRMS isolated controller area network (CAN) physical layer transceiver with integrated isolated DC/DC converters.

SP3401 Series TVS Diode Array - Littelfuse
TVS Diode Array for DisplayPort and USB 3.1 Gen 1 – SP3401 Series

Littelfuse's SP3401 series is a specially designed diode array to protect high-speed interfaces against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Image of EPCOS' Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP Series Varistors
Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP Series Varistors

EPCOS Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP series varistors are designed to be used in power supplies as the primary protection against low-level, repetitive surge currents.

Image of Diodes' PCIe Gen4 Thunderbolt 3 4 Channel Differential 2x2 Exchange Switch
PCIe® Gen4, Thunderbolt™ 3, 4-Channel, Differential 2 x 2 Exchange Switch

Diodes' PI3DBS16222 is part of a family of very high-performance passive exchange switches and offers flexible options for a variety of applications.

Image of IQD's IQXO-79x Series Surface Mount Clock Oscillators
IQXO-79x Series Surface Mount Clock Oscillators

IQD's IQXO-79x series of surface mount clock oscillators with HCMOS output and 15 pF drive level have a frequency range between 1.0 MHz and 66 MHz.

Image of KEMET's FPL Series Ferrite Tiles
FPL Series - WPT Ferrite Tiles

KEMET’s ferrite tiles are designed with the latest proprietary ferrite material technology to offer the highest charging efficiency.

Image of Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340-PDK Dual Processor
nRF5340-PDK Dual-Processor

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5340-PDK is an ideal SoC for professional lighting, advanced wearables, and other complex IoT applications.

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's 780 Series Handheld Video/HDMI Test Instruments
780 Series Handheld Video/HDMI Test Instruments

Teledyne LeCroy's 780 series instruments enable quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI system and analog video displays.

Image of C&K CRE Series Switches
CRE Series Switches

C&K's CRE series switches are 10 mm rotary DIP switches with a variety of actuator options, making them well-suited for a variety of applications.

Image of Adam Tech's IDC M12 Connectors X-code
IDC M12 Connectors X-code

Adam Tech's IDC M12 connectors offer a waterproof solution capable of interfacing with RJ45 signal at 10 Gbps.

Bio-compatible TPU Wires - Tensility International Corp.
Fili in TPU biocompatibile

I fili indossabili biocompatibili di Tensility sono piccoli, morbidi e flessibili, estrusi utilizzando materiale TPU testato in conformità con gli standard ISO 10993 in materia di irritazione cutanea.

Image of Adam Tech's Spring Loaded Connectors and Pins
Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pins

Adam Tech's spring-loaded connectors and pins are used in many industries across a wide range of applications to make a secure, high-reliability connection.

Image of IQD's CFPX-180 Series SMD Quartz Crystal
CFPX-180 Series SMD Quartz Crystals

IQD's CFPX-180 series SMD quartz crystals are suitable for a variety of applications such as IoT, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.

Image of Epcos' CeraCharge™ Battery
CeraCharge™ Battery

TDK's EPCOS CeraCharge™ battery offers a capacitance of 100 µAh at a rated voltage of 1.4 V in a compact EIA 1812 package (4.5mm x 3.2mm x 1.1mm).

Image of Vesper's VM3000 Digital MEMS Microphone
VM3000 Digital MEMS Microphone

Vesper's VM3000 digital MEMS microphone features a pulse density modulation (PDM) output enabling multiplexing of two microphones on a single data line.