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B-STLINK-ISOL Isolation Adaptation Board for STLINK-V3SET - STMicroelectronics
B-STLINK-ISOL Isolation Adaptation Board for STLINK-V3SET

STMicroelectronics' B-STLINK-ISOL board is an additional module for the STLINK-V3SET, performing isolation and voltage adaptation for STM32 MCU targets.

STGIPQ4C60T-HZ SLLIMM Nano Short-Circuit Rugged IGBTs - STMicroelectronics
STGIPQ4C60T-HZ SLLIMM™ Nano Short-Circuit Rugged IGBTs

STMicroelectronics' second series of STPOWER SLLIMM™ nano provides a compact, high-performance AC motor drive in a simple, rugged design.

Image of Klein Tools'ET45VP Kit AC/DC Voltage and Receptacle Electrical Test Kit
ET45VP Kit AC/DC Voltage and Receptacle Electrical Test Kit

Klein Tools' ET45VP kit is designed to check, verify, or troubleshoot common residential electrical wiring in electrical outlets and more.

Image of Nidec Copal Electronics' CT-9/CT-94 Series Cermet Trimmer Potentiometers
CT-9/CT-94 Series Cermet Trimmer Potentiometers

Nidec Copal Electronics' CT-9/CT-94 series cermet trimmer potentiometers are suited for medical, energy, industrial, communication, and automation applications.

UMT-H Series Fuses - SCHURTER
Fusibili serie UMT-H

I fusibili serie UMT-H di SCHURTER offrono protezione da sovracorrente e da cortocircuito in varie applicazioni di controllo industriale, tra cui applicazioni a sicurezza intrinseca.

Image of Hoffman's Custom Enclosures
Custom Enclosures

Digi-Key, in association with nVent Hoffman Enclosures, offers custom services for enclosures such as cut-outs, holes and threaded holes, and paint.

Image of Sensirion's SCD40 CO2 and RH/T Miniature Sensor Module
Sensore di CO2 SCD40

SCD40 di Sensirion è un modulo a sensore di CO2 e RH/T miniaturizzato per applicazioni IoT, automotive, HVAC, elettrodomestici e beni consumer.

Image of MPS' MP2696A Switching Charger
MP2696A Switching Charger

MPS' MP2696A switching charger is a highly integrated, flexible, switch-mode battery-charging, power-path management device.

Image of Central Semiconductor's CMDFSHCx Low-Profile Schottky Rectifiers
CMDFSHCx Low-Profile Schottky Rectifiers

Central Semiconductor’s CMDFSHCx-100 Schottky rectifiers are ideal for reverse polarity protection, boost converters, and general rectification applications.

Image of PanaVise's General Purpose Work Center
General Purpose Work Center

PanaVise's general purpose work center is equipped with a wide opening head, low profile base, and base tray mount.

Image of SparkFun's LoRa Thing Plus - expLoRaBLE
LoRa Thing Plus - expLoRaBLE

SparkFun's expLoRaBLE Thing Plus contains an NM180100 system in package (SiP) as well as an AmbiQ Apollo3 microcontroller and a Semtech SX1262 LoRa transceiver.

Image of EPCOS' ERU-SMT Power Inductors
ERU-SMT Power Inductors

EPCOS' ERU-SMT power inductors are suitable for applications such as output and storage chokes for POL converters and more.

OPA2170/71 RRO Op Amp - Texas Instruments
Amplificatore operazionale RRO OPA2170/71

Un amplificatore operazionale compatto, a basso costo da 36 V per uso generale con caratteristiche che semplificano la distinta base per molti progetti.

Image of Samtec's 1.85 mm Precision RF
1.85 mm Precision RF Connectors

Samtec’s 1.85 mm precision RF are available as cable connectors, full cable assemblies, and board-level mates with an operating frequency of up to 65 GHz.

Image of Texas Instruments' OPA2189 CMOS Precision Op-Amp
Amplificatore operazionale di precisione CMOS OPA2189

L'op-amplificatore OPA2189 CMOS di Texas Instruments combina offset e deriva di precisione con prestazioni elevate che lo rendono adatto per una varietà di applicazioni di precisione.