Hammond Modification Services | Digi-Key Daily

When a standard off-the-shelf enclosure just won’t work, consider using Hammond manufacturing services for designing and manufacturing the perfect custom enclosure for your application. Benefits of employing Hammond enclosure modification services include the delivery of high-quality products, low minimum orders, and a reduction, or complete elimination, in scrap and design errors by offering fast delivery of customized sample enclosures for in-house inspection. This design approach guarantees that your assembly works perfectly prior to high-volume production efforts. Some of Hammond’s more common modifications include holes, cutouts, tapping and countersinking, pressed-in hardware, silk screening, unique sizes and colors, and pre-installed accessories. And should you require assistance in specifying your enclosure, Digi-Key's design professionals can help determine which enclosure would best fit your requirements.

11/6/2019 3:23:42 PM