TPS25810EVM-745: USB Type-C DFP Controller and Power Switch with Load Detection


The Texas Instruments TPS25810EVM-745 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of the TPS25810 USB Type-C DFP Controller and Power Switch. The EVM contains inputs and outputs for the device as well as many test points and jumpers for easy configuration and evaluation of the TPS25810 features.

The TPS25810 is a USB Type-C Downstream Facing Port (DFP) controller with an integrated 3-A rated USB power switch. The TPS25810 monitors the Type-C Configuration Channel (CC) lines to determine when an USB device is attached. If an Upstream Facing Port (UFP) device is attached, the TPS25810 applies power to VBUS and communicates the selectable VBUS current sourcing capability to the UFP via the pass through CC line. If the UFP is attached using an electronically marked cable, the TPS25810 also applies VCONN power to the cable CC pin. The TPS25810 also identifies when Type-C audio or debug accessories are attached.


Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category Power Management
Sub-Category USB Power Delivery
Eval Board Part Number 296-43179-ND
Eval Board Supplier Texas Instruments
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Port Role Source
Voltage In 5 VDC
Voltage Out 5 V
Port Current 3 A
Power Out 15 W
Features Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
Surge Current Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brownout (UVP)
No-load Input Power @ Voltage - Not Given
Compliance USB Type-C 1.2
Efficiency @ Conditions - Not Given
Component Count + Extras 40 + 30
Design Author Texas Instruments
Main I.C. Base Part TPS25810
Date Created By Author 2015-10
Date Added To Library 2018-08

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