Supplier Success Stories with Digi-Key's Marketplace: Flip Electronics

In 2019, Digi-Key launched Marketplace to create a repository for engineers, technicians, and general consumers across all industries to find their electronics and technology product needs in one place.

This blog series will cover a new supplier with each edition and will provide insight into what Marketplace has done for them and the value it brings.

Supplier success story #3: Flip Electronics has a mission to “make obsolescence obsolete” within the electronics industry. Flip is not your typical distributor, as their focus is on attacking the challenge presented to the supply chain and production when parts face EOL or obsolescence. Jeff Ittel, Executive Vice President, from Flip Electronics discusses their experience with Marketplace.

How has the Digi-Key Marketplace helped you grow your business?

“Digi-Key Marketplace has helped us reach many customers that we previously did not have contact or accounts set up with. Has given visibility to our inventory to hundreds of OEMs.”

What growth have you seen since joining Marketplace?

“We have seen a very steady order rate grow from nothing. Processing several orders a day.”

Has DK provided any international sale opportunities? Or opening up markets/customers that did not exist before?

“Yes, some of our orders have been international. This has been beneficial as we did not have a sales history prior. We expanded our reach without adding resources in those regions.”

What was your experience working with the Marketplace team?

“The team has been very responsive and helpful, especially through start-up. Very willing to share tips and best practices.”

What are the benefits of selling on Marketplace?

“Allows Flip to list our authorized specialty inventory (EOL and Obsolete) to a wide variety of OEM and EMS customers, including the engineering searchers.”

What transaction conveniences exist for being a Marketplace supplier?

“Very easy to use once set up. The system is robust, with consistent reminders on quoting and approval cycle. It also allows us to transact directly with the customer and establish a link between our companies.”

Flip Electronics finds Marketplace to be a valuable asset that provides ease of use and broad visibility for their brand. Stay tuned for the next supplier success story.

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