Getting Started with Micrium OS

Silicon Labs EFM32GG11 Giant Gecko Evaluation Board (Image source: Silicon Labs)

A popular thing in embedded applications is an RTOS. They are quite popular because they make it easier to develop complicated programs. They handle a lot of the background scheduling and general running of a program. They are also a daunting thing to get started with. Well, I am here to help. I’ve written a nice getting started with Micrium OS project description. With Micrium OS being built into Silicon Labs SDK, it is much easier to get an RTOS project started. My project is a great way to learn how to create your own RTOS program. You can read more about it here.

The RTOS program is a simple one. It allows you to turn an LED on and off with a button push.  It is more meant to show you how to build the RTOS and some of the necessary basics in an RTOS program. Hopefully it will help you to start making your own programs.

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Ben Roloff, Associate Applications Engineer presso Digi-Key Electronics, dal 2016 è al servizio dei clienti per soddisfare ogni loro esigenza nel campo dei microcontroller. Nato nel 1991, quando l'internet non era ancora entrata nelle case, Ben è però cresciuto di pari passo con questa tecnologia rivoluzionaria durante la sua formazione scolastica. È stato il suo interesse per i computer che lo ha spinto a perseguire una formazione informatica, conseguendo una laurea in ingegneria informatica presso la South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

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