Digi-Key Electronics offers Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal

I’ll admit it. I’m getting old. It’s an odd experience when your brain feels like you’re still young, but your joints (and apparently everyone around you) disagree. With that sad state of affairs in mind, let me share my Apple Pay experience.

I’m sure I had a similar perspective to many people of my generation. I had heard about Apple Pay. I knew about the “convenience” of being able to tap your phone to a payment or checkout device and never have to pull out my wallet and swipe my card. But I mean, come on! Easier? Really!?

Admit it. When we hear about how changes like this are going to be “so much easier,” we get skeptical. After all, I’ve been pulling out my wallet for decades. Swiping a debit/credit card is literally one of the most mindless and simple things to do.

But, as it is with most areas of change that benefit me, I was biased and blind. Here I was viewing digital wallets as something to make my life easier only. Getting “older” doesn’t always make us wiser, apparently.

What I learned about Apple Pay after using it a couple of times was nothing short of incredible. The fact that my transaction is encrypted, hiding my actual card number and other sensitive information from ID thieves is fantastic. Also, the ability to see instantly what and where my transactions took place without having to navigate multiple apps is spoiling. And that’s a good thing.

Digi-Key Electronics now offers Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal for an even broader array of payment options. With this comes all the peace of mind and convenience we’ve been speaking about.

I buy things from Digi-Key all the time. I’m not an avid engineer or “tinker-er.” But I am a nerd, and I like having one place that allows me to get what I need and get it quickly. Because of this, when I need to run cable, play with my Raspberry Pi, or fix that fan on my graphics card that went out, I get antsy about getting my stuff done. The fact that I can hop on my iPhone or iPad and quickly breeze through checking out makes this old heart smile (especially since I don’t have to re-enter my card number for the umpteenth time.)

Oh, and before I forget, yes, I did finally get around to using “tap to pay” with my iPhone. And yes, I do like it more - when I actually remember to do it!

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