Digi Medical Solutions

Create your own mission critical Medical Network with Digi International's cellular gateways, routers, and connectivity products. Digi has USB-to-serial and Ethernet products as well as Digi Connect® Sensor+, Transport® product families. With multiple cellular versions available from 900 MHz, HSPA+ Global, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile these products can provide global cellular coverage. These gateways can be managed with Digi’s Remote Manager® and Device Cloud for up-to-the-moment monitoring and updates. Digi is the solution for global connectivity for today’s Medical Internet of Things (IoT).


Reliably send data from moving vehicles

Data connectivity can be dropped as vehicles speed through variable signal strengths. On-the-move data security poses unique challenges. Using a cellular router with high bandwidth and advanced security protections ensures secure and reliable data delivery when seconds matter.


Ensure connectivity virtually anywhere

Today’s healthcare doesn’t always happen within a fixed structure. Who knows if the next site will provide a dependable Internet infrastructure? If you need to make sure you always have secure, uninterrupted connectivity, then build your own network.


Integrate more information

Your MRIs, CT scanners and other devices may not have been designed for integrated, connected care. By using Digi USB-to-serial and Network-to-serial products you can add connectivity to a PC, thin client, server, or virtualized application providing flexibility, mobility and adaptability to improve responsiveness and decrease the time needed to set up connections.


Monitor assets, enhance efficiency

Regulations demand accountability around equipment use and drug access. Profitability relies on building automation to drive energy efficiency—and cost savings. Connected sensors drive operational intelligence into more aspects of your daily operations.


Reduce risks to patient safety

Vaccines, blood and other critical assets must always be maintained within tight temperature ranges, and regulations mandate proper logging. An automated temperature monitoring system makes data collection effortless, while temperature logs are instantly accessible through your tablet or smartphone.