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Soberton, Inc.

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Audio Kits for Design Solutions

Soberton offer engineers a design solution for various audio applications by creating kits.

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Complete Audio Solutions

Soberton's complete audio solutions are integrated into applications including IoT, handheld devices and scanners, computers, tablets, and kiosks.

Image of Soberton's Water-Resistant Speakers

Water-Resistant Speakers

Soberton's water-resistant speakers offer a compact size, wide frequency response, and optimal performance and durability, for use in challenging applications.

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XPCB-12BT Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board from Soberton Inc.
3D Printed Speaker Enclosures from Soberton inc.
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About Soberton, Inc.

Established in Singapore in 1999 Soberton has focused on developing and manufacturing audio devices reliably and consistently since that time. Originally, production was full scale for magnetic transducers for the appliance markets. In following years Soberton developed devices suited for Industrial, medical device, transportation, and other electronics sectors.

In December of 2002 Soberton International established its American subsidiary Soberton Inc. based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This stocking and support facility was ideally located in the central part of the U.S. for efficient service and deliveries.

In the past 20+ years Soberton has established itself as a leader in audio devices. Buzzers (magnetic transducers), piezo devices, microphones, micro speakers, waterproof speakers, and speaker assemblies are all now part of Soberton’s manufacturing offering. Their credo is simple – “zero defects”.