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STM32WLEx 32-Bit Wireless Long-Range MCUs - STMicroelectronics
STM32WLEx 32-Bit Wireless Long-Range MCUs

STMicroelectronics' STM32WLE5/E4xx long-range wireless and ultra-low-power devices embed a powerful ultra-low-power LPWAN-compliant radio solution.

Functional Safety
Functional Safety

You can count on Microchip’s proven experience to help you meet functional safety requirements while minimizing cost and development time.

MP23ABS1 High-Performance MEMS Audio Sensor - STMicroelectronics
MP23ABS1 High-Performance MEMS Audio Sensor

STMicroelectronics' MP23ABS1 sensing element, capable of detecting acoustic waves, is manufactured using a specialized silicon micromachining process.

Image of C&K's SFS Series Tactile Switches
SFS Series Tactile Switches

C&K's SFS series tactile switches' standard size allows users to quickly and easily use multiple sources and can be integrated into a wide range of designs.

Image of CUI Devices' Piano DIP Switches
Piano DIP Switches

CUI Devices' piano DIP switches feature through hole mounting styles, 2.54 mm pitches, and 2 to 12 position options.

AEK-POW-100W4V1 Digitally-Controlled DC/DC Converter - STMicroelectronics
AEK-POW-100W4V1 Digitally Controlled DC/DC Converter

STMicroelectronics' AEK-POW-100W4V1 is a very compact DC/DC converter for automotive and transportation applications.

TSV792 Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier - STMicroelectronics
TSV792 Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier

STMicroelectronics' TSV792 is a dual 50 MHz bandwidth unity gain stable amplifier with a rail-to-rail input stage and slew rate of 30 V/μs.

STEVAL-STWINKT1B SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node Development Kit - STMicroelectronics
STEVAL-STWINKT1B SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node Development Kit

The STMicroelectronics STEVAL-STWINKT1B SensorTile wireless industrial node development kit features a core system board with a range of embedded sensors.

Image of CUI Devices' Slide DIP Switches
Slide DIP Switches

CUI Devices' slide DIP switches feature 1.27 mm or 2.54 mm pitches, 1 to 12 position options, and surface-mount or through-hole mounting styles.

Image of CUI Devices' Rotary DIP Switches
Rotary DIP Switches

CUI Devices' rotary DIP switches are housed in 7.4 mm x 7.4 mm or 10 mm x 10 mm packages with raised or flat actuator levels.

Image of GradConn's Patented locking MHF® 4L LK Micro Connector Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Patented Locking MHF® 4L LK Micro Connector Coaxial Cable Assemblies

GradConn's MHF 4L LK has an integrated locking mechanism to ensure the connector is secured when mated onto the PCB connector.

Image of Raspberry Pi's PicoBoard
Raspberry Pi PicoBoard

The Raspberry Pi PicoBoard is a low-cost, yet flexible development board for the RP2040 microcontroller chip that Raspberry Pi has developed in-house.

STM32WB 32-bit MCU Wireless Module - STMicroelectronics
STM32WB 32-Bit MCU Wireless Module

STMicroelectronics' STM32WB5MMG module proposing 1 MB Flash memory ensures applications run smoothly, whatever the protocol stack and application solution.

STM32 Microcontrollers

STM32 32-bit flash MCUs are fully integrated and offer users high performance, real-time capabilities, low voltage operation, and are easy-to-use.

Image of EPCOS' B58621V Medical Sensors
B58621V Medical Sensors

EPCOS' B58621V medical sensors precise pressure loss measurements in the flow lines allow flow rates to be calculated accurately in ventilator equipment.