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Image of Sensirion's Air Quality Shield for Arduino

Air Quality Shield for Arduino

Sensirion’s air quality shield for Arduino provides total VOC and CO2 equivalent gas concentrations with combined relative humidity and temperature sensing.

Image of Sensirion's SPS30 Particulate Matter Sensor

SPS30 Particulate Matter Sensor

The SPS30 particulate matter sensor expands Sensirion's range of environmental sensing solutions for HVAC and air quality applications.

Image of Sensirion's CO2 and RH-T Sensor Module SCD30

CO2 and RH-T Sensor Module SCD30

Sensirion's SCD30 sensor module offers an accurate and stable monitoring of CO2 in the air, as well as temperature and humidity.

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SCD4x CO2 Sensor
This presentation will give an insight into indoor air quality measurement and demonstrate why monitoring CO2 concentrations is vital for everyone’s well-being and health.
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Sensirion’s SFC5500 mass flow controllers have an exceptionally high control range and cover multiple flow ranges in a single device.
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About Sensirion

Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows worldwide. Sensirion’s sensors are used in a wide range of markets and different applications. Sensirion sensor products guarantee outstanding performance and correspondingly high customer utility. They are all based on our innovative CMOSens® Technology, which enables the sensor component to be combined with the analog and digital signal processing circuitry on a tiny CMOS silicon chip. This is implemented in advanced semiconductor technology, using specific microsystem processing steps to produce the microsensor structures on specially developed and patented semiconductor parts. The resulting sensor chips enable precise and reliable sensing of the desired physical parameters, such as relative humidity, temperature, or mass flow. CMOSens® accordingly represents a guarantee of high precision, reliability, and functionality combined with cost effectiveness.