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Hammond Manufacturing

Image of Hammond's Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

When a standard enclosure isn’t exactly what you need, Hammond can modify their designs for the ideal enclosure solution.

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Digi-Key and Hammond Partner Library

Simplify your design using KiCad. Find existing templates and board outlines, featuring a comprehensive collection of Hammond enclosures and box diagrams.

Image of Hammond's 1554/1555 Series Enclosures

1554/1555 Series Enclosures

Hammond's 1554/1555 series enclosures are designed to house printed circuit boards or DIN rail-mounted components.

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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
1590Z Series of Wall-Mount Water-Tight Enclosures
This presentation will cover the overall design and key features of the product line as well as relevant industry standards, typical applications, and available accessories.
5 minutes
1555 F Series of Wall-Mount Water-Tight Enclosures
1555F’s are suitable for any application requiring wall-mounting, protection from dust, oil, and water in a non-metallic package.
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About Hammond Manufacturing

Hammond Manufacturing Co. is a manufacturer of a wide range of standard electronic enclosures and transformers, since 1917. The Electronics Group manufactures general purpose, hand-held and instrument enclosures in plastic (either economical styrene or high impact, flame retardant ABS), aluminum, die-cast aluminum and steel. A complete line of chassis and accessories is also offered.