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10 minutes
Snap-Action Switches Technology and Specifications
The mechanical and electrical components to consider when choosing a snap action switch along with Crouzet's four snap switch product lines.
10 minutes
Millenium 3 Controller Software
Millenium 3 software makes it easy to create PLC programs and make changes. Learn about installation, programming, simulation, and uploading.
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About Crouzet

Crouzet Automation, Crouzet Control, Crouzet Motors, and Crouzet Switches are brands of InnoVista Sensors™. Experts in their fields, the Crouzet brands share their expertise and experience with customers and have the ability to customize products to match customer’s specifications.

Crouzet brands have always focused on innovation to bring their customers the right product for the right application and to fit their expectations in terms of quality, reliability and service.