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Bourns, Inc.

Image of Bourns IsoMOV Series

IsoMOV™ Series Hybrid Protection Component

Bourns' IsoMOV™ protection component combines the surge performance of EdgMOV™ protection devices with an integrated gas discharge tube isolation structure.

Image of Bourns CWF1610/CWF2414 Series

CWF1610/CWF2414 Series Inductors

Bourns' CWF1610 and CW2414 inductors are ideal for use in RF signal processing, resonant circuits, decoupling, noise filters, and low-current DC power lines.

Image of Bourns 75th Anniversary

Bourns® 75th Anniversary

Seventy-five years ago, co-founders Marlan and Rosemary Bourns set up shop in their tiny 384 square-foot garage in Altadena, California. Their idea to provide a component solution to accurately determine an aircraft's pitch attitude solved a crucial problem for pilots. Their invention of the first miniature linear motion and vane position potentiometers propelled the Bourns' small start-up into the global corporation it is today.

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Bourns® Sensor Capabilities
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Recent PTMs

10 minutes
SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses
SinglFuse thin film chip fuses construction method allows for precise and efficient high volume production as well as the flexibility for custom applications.
5 minutes
Mini-breaker Thermal Cut Off (TCO) Devices
This presentation will introduce the range of mini-breakers, explain their construction, and review their applications and advantages. It will also explain the part numbering system and talk about how to select the most suitable part.
10 minutes
Transient Blocking Units
The TBU® HSP is a silicon-based, solid-state, resettable device which is placed in a series with a signal path.
5 minutes
Magnetics SRP Series Shielded Power Inductors
Bourns' SRP series power inductors are designed for high current applications and low radiation in a compact size.
5 minutes
GMOV™ Hybrid Overvoltage Protection Component
Bourns' GMOV™ component combines the technology of an MOV and GDT with FLAT® technology to resolve premature MOV degradation and failure.
5 minutes
Pressure Sensor Overview
The Bourns Precision Sensor (BPS) portfolio has dependable sensors for every type of pressure, from precision, ultra low pressure to high temperatures and harsh environments.
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About Bourns, Inc.

Bourns, Inc. has been leading the electronics industry in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and integrated solutions since its inception in 1947 by Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. As an industry innovator, Bourns targets product development at high-growth industries such as computers, telecommunications, automotive and portable electronics.

Bourns established a benchmark for the quality, value and innovation of its products and services early in the Company’s history with the 1952 introduction of the Trimpot® line. This was the world’s first patented trimming potentiometer. Bourns dedication to excellence ensures the continuous improvement of its products and services to satisfy customers on a global basis. Bourns philosophy is founded upon product quality, dependable delivery and the best overall value for its worldwide customers. In addition to maintaining global manufacturing and customer support capabilities, Bourns invests heavily in the development of technologies and the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities to meet customers’ changing needs. Through this continuous investment, Bourns drives the trend toward component miniaturization. The Company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in its manufacturing operations, which meet QS 9000 and ISO 9001/2000 certifications.