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Molex Core Micro Products solutions consists of board-to-board, Easy-On FFC/FPC, microminiature wire-to-board, and memory card connectors, offering long-term availability and support across a wide variety of industries.

Molex offers one of the most complete ranges of microminiature fine pitch connectors to support designers and manufacturers across a wide variety of global markets and industries such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, computers/PC and tablet devices, data/telecom, industrial, military/aerospace, automotive, and medical.

The Micro Products have the guarantee, long term availability and support to ensure a smooth launch and long product life cycle of our board-to-board, Easy-On FFC/FPC, microminiature wire-to-board and memory card connectors.

  • Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board
  • Board-to-Board
  • Easy-On FFC/FPC
  • Memory Card
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Molex Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Signal Products

Molex is a pioneer in the development of microminiature connectors. Our micro connectors are finding use today in applications ranging from mobile devices to automotive, medical and more. We are continuing to develop lower profiles, narrower pitch ranges, and higher speed capabilities to meet ever-evolving downsizing and functional needs. Our micro connectors are packed with innovative features to offer secure mating reliability, ease-of-use and design flexibility. Backed by a global network of engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Molex offers local service and a global array of design services for all your microminiature connector needs.

Available from 1.00 mm to 3.70 mm pitch sizes, these wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors feature:

  • Vertical and right angle configurations
  • SMT and through hole board terminations
  • Tin and gold plating options
  • Single and dual row options
  • Applicable for 42 AWG wire and larger
  • Positive latch and friction lock housing features
Sherlock 0.079” Pitch Rectangular Connectors and Housings
Illumimate Rectangular Connectors, Contacts, Headers, and Housings
Micro TPA Rectangular Connectors, Accessories, Contacts, Headers, and Housings
Ditto Rectangular Connectors – Contacts and Housings
Lite-Trap/Mini Lite-Trap Solid State Lighting Connectors

Edgemate Card Edge Connectors - Contacts
Edgemate Card Edge Connectors - Housings
VersaBlade - Blade Type Power Connectors - Accessories
VersaBlade - Blade Type Power Connectors - Contacts
VersaBlade - Blade Type Power Connectors - Housings
CP-6.5 Rectangular Connectors – Accessories, Contacts, Headers, and Housings
1.00mm Pitch Pico-Lock™AWG28-30
1.00mm Pitch Pico-Clasp™AWG28-32
1.20mm Pico-EZmate and Pico-EZmate Slim Wire-to-Board Connector Systems AWG28-30
1.25mm Pitch Pico-Blade™AWG26-30
1.25mm Pitch Micro-Lock Plus AWG26-30
1.25-2.50mm Pitch Board-in Connectors
1.50mm Pitch Pico-SPOX Wire-to-Board Connector System AWG24-30
1.50mm Pitch CLIK-Mate™AWG24-30
1.50mm Pico Lock
2.00mm Pitch Milli-Grid Connector System AWG24-30
2.00mm Pitch iGrid Wire-to-Board Dual-Row System AWG22-28
2.00mm Pitch Micro-Lock Plus AWG22-26
2.00mm Pitch Micro-Latch Wire-to-Board Connector System
PicoBlade™ Pre-Crimp Jumpers
2.5mm Mini Spox
2.5mm Mini Lock

Micro Board-to-Board Connectors

SlimStack™ is the family name for Molex's broad range of Micro SMT stacking board-to-board connectors. The family covers stack heights from 0.60mm to 20.0mm in pitch categories of 0.35 mm to 3.70 mm.

The SlimStack connectors offer system designers a wide range of flexibility to meet the tight packaging needs found in applications such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, notebook PCs, and other compact equipment. Along with various pitch and stack options, the series covers circuit size needs from 6 to 240. All versions are gold-plated (except 0.80 mm pitch) for high reliability over multiple mating cycles. Other features include durable contact design, SMT nails that provide strong board retention, and a friction locking feature for added mating retention in some products.

SlimStack™ Board-To-Board Connectors (0.35/0.40/0.50 mm Pitch)
SlimStack™ Board-To-Board Connectors (0.635/0.80/1.00 mm Pitch)
0.35mm SlimStack Board-to-Board
0.40mm SlimStack Board-to-Board
0.50mm SlimStack Board-to-Board
0.635mm SlimStack Board-to-Board
0.8mm SlimStack Board-to-Board

Micro Easy-On FFC/FPC Connectors

Molex offers a broad range of low-profile Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors for tight-packaging applications. These miniature Easy-On FFC/FPC SMT connectors come in various fine-pitch options. Push and flip-type actuators, which are pre-assembled covers, secure the connection between the FFC-FPC and the connector terminals. A broad range of ultra-low-profile SMT Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors is also available. Molex is continually developing lower-profile and higher-density features to meet the downsizing needs of electronic equipment makers.

New features recently added to Molex's microminiature Easy-On FFC/FPC connector portfolio include dual-contacts to eliminate the need to source different top and bottom contact versions, narrow width versions for further space savings and various cable tab and actuator locking styles to provide additional cable alignment and retention.

FFC-FPC Cables and Connectors Interactive Guide
.20mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Right Angle SMT Connectors
.25mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Right Angle SMT Connectors
.30mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Right Angle SMT Connectors
.50mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Right Angle SMT Connectors
1.00mm Pitch Easy-On FFC/FPC Right Angle SMT Connectors
1.25mm+ FC/FPC Right Angle SMT Connectors

Memory Card Connectors

Molex provides one of the industry’s widest ranges of connectors for today’s miniature memory cards. With the demand for exchanging images and data between portable devices and PCs growing, a number of flash memory industry standards have emerged. Molex offers a solution to all of the major types of flash memory media.

Our range includes industry standard versions with features such as normal/reverse mounting, various card insertion systems, and profile heights. Custom solutions are also offered to meet unique design needs, such as combo-style connectors.

Molex’s proven expertise in areas such as fine-pitch micro connectors and PC Card technology have helped in the development of some of the most innovative and dependable miniature memory card connectors.

1.28mm Pitch microSD Memory Card Connectors
1.42mm Pitch microSD Memory Card Connectors
1.80mm Pitch microSD Memory Card Connectors
Combo – microSD, NANO and Micro SIM
Memory Connectors Micro SIM

*microSD is a trademark of SD Card Association

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