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Laird Thermal Systems

- Laird Thermal Systems designs, develops and manufactures thermal management solutions for demanding applications across global medical, analytical, industrial, transportation, consumer and telecommunications markets. As the only company in the industry with the comprehensive product offering of thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric assemblies, temperature controllers and liquid cooling systems, Laird Thermal Systems uses advanced thermal modeling and management techniques to solve complex heat and temperature control problems. Strong applications expertise combined with unmatched support in thermal management design results in optimized design solutions.


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Image of Laird Thermal Systems' SuperCool Series Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs)

Gruppi termoelettrici (TEA) SuperCool

I TEA SuperCool di Laird Thermal Systems offrono il controllo preciso della temperatura in piccole camere e sono disponibili nelle versioni aria-aria, diretta-aria e liquido-aria.

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Image of Laird Thermal Systems' High Temperature ET Series TEMs

TEM per alte temperature serie ET

La serie ET di moduli termoelettrici per alte temperature di Laird Thermal Systems protegge dispositivi e gruppi critici in ambienti con presenta di correnti e temperatura elevate.

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Image of Laird Thermal Systems' PowerCycling Series Thermoelectric Modules

Moduli termoelettrici serie PowerCycling

La serie PowerCycling di Laird Thermal Systems è un modulo termoelettrico (TEM) realizzato appositamente per ridurre la quantità di sollecitazione indotta sugli elementi TE durante il funzionamento.

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Image of Laird Thermal Systems' Tunnel Series TEAs

TEA serie Tunnel

I TEA offrono prestazioni affidabili e compatte raffreddando gli oggetti tramite la tecnologia termoelettrica.

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Image of Laird Thermal Systems' Thermobility Energy Harvesting Series

Serie Thermobility per energy harvesting

La tecnologia di energy harvesting di Laird Thermal Systems utilizza il calore come fonte di elettricità.

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Image of Laird Thermal Systems' MRC Series Chillers

Raffreddatori serie MRC

La serie MRC è un raffreddatore di ricircolo da banco che offre prestazioni affidabili in dimensioni contenute controllando la temperatura di un refrigerante in un circuito liquido.

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Thermoelectric Assembly Direct Air 3.8A

Thermoelectric Assemblies

Duration: 20 minutes

Laird offers a wide product portfolio of TEAs that offer superior coiling performance, compact form factors, and high COP.

Thermoelectric Module

Thermoelectric Module Product Line

Duration: 10 minutes

Describing the thermoelectric module product line and a review of the Aztec cooler selection software developed by Laird.

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