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Un punto di riferimento per le novità del settore dell'elettronica!
SLAY054 Temperature Sensing with Thermistors

TI temperature sensors are a basic building block of every electronic system, helping keep devices safe for users while operating at maximum performance.

Power Through the Isolation Barrier: The Landscape of Isolated DC/DC Bias Power Supplies

The electronic designer’s toolbox is ever-growing. Finding the right tool for the job requires understanding the task at hand, knowing which tools exist and, finally, how to best use those tools.

A Comprehensive Methodology to Qualify the Reliability of GaN Products

TI is designing a comprehensive quality program based on GaN fundamentals and applicationrelevant testing to provide reliable GaN solutions.

Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things

In the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT), applications from personal electronics to industrial machines and sensors are getting wirelessly connected to the Internet.

Accurately measuring efficiency of ultralow-IQ devices

While almost every power-supply engineer intimately knows and understands the lab setup for measuring efficiency, there are many important nuances that must be considered when measuring the efficiency of a device with ultralow quiescent current (IQ).

Wide VIN power management ICs simplify design, reduce BOM cost, and enhance reliability

Wide input rails are common in many electronic systems including communications infrastructure, automotive, and industrial systems. Input voltages as high as 100V need to be converted to 24V/12V/5V or other lower voltages that can be used by electronic systems.

ULP meets energy harvesting: A game-changing combination for design engineers

Macro-scale energy harvesting technologies in the form of windmills, watermills and passive solar power systems have been around for centuries.

Ultra Low Power Meets Energy Harvesting

ULP meets energy harvesting: A game-changing combination for design engineers.

A global wireless power standard will open the market, encourage consumers to live without power cords

As the groundbreaking capability to charge electronic devices without relying on cords continues to grow, a universal wireless power standard that defines common expectations and experiences becomes increasingly important.

An introduction to the Wireless Power Consortium standard and TI's compliant solutions

Wireless power is beginning to show great potential in the consumer market. The ability to power an electronic device without the use of wires provides a convenient solution.