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IoT Devices Outdoor Applications

Introduction of operation stability for IoT devices (outdoor application) at high ambient temperature.

IoT - General

Proposal of operation stability with network communication in IoT devices

Portable Medical Devices

Advantages of using Murata micro batteries (SR, LR) in portable medical devices.

Wearable Devices

Advantages of using Murata micro batteries in wearable devices.

Smart Key

Suggestion of improving remote keyless entry system (RKE) performance by adding high load functions.

High Power Back-Up

When you consider backup function in your product, Murata’s supercapacitors (also known as EDLCs, Supercaps) are suitable for backup energy device.

Audio Applications

Murata’s supercapacitors (EDLCs) have the highest levels of power density and energy density throughout the industry in small and slim package.

Innovative Solutions for Battery of Medical Device by Supercaps

If higher power performance will be required for battery of medical device, Murata’s supercapacitors(EDLC) can assist it.

Function Enhancement for Wearable Application

As various functions can be mounted to wearable devices, MPU’s function has become functionalized more and more highly. Therefore, power supplies which can output peak power instantaneously are necessary to drive them.

Reducing Data Refresh Time of Electronic Paper

Electronic paper consumes power mainly when refreshing the display. To refresh electronic paper immediately, this peak power needs to be supplied instantaneously.

Secondary Battery Peak Load Leveling

If you need higher power performance into continuous load function, Murata’s Supercapacitor (also called as EDLCs) can assist it.

Supercap Enables Battery-Less Smart Card/ID Card

This application note proposes a supercapacitor solution to smart cards using RF energy harvesting system.

Peak Load Leveling and Active Time Extension for Coin Cell Battery

As various functions have been added to mobile devices driven by coin cell battery, higher instantaneous power has become necessary.