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Inrush Current for Connectors

A power connector can be considered as a simple resistor from a thermal point of view. The working current of a power connector is usually defined by a standard, in our case by UL 1059.

Application Notes: ANR023 Calypso Cloud Connectivity

Würth Elektronik's application note for their Calypso Cloud Connectivity.

Keep the Balance - Balancing of Supercapacitors

In this note, we review the theoretical background and we provide some measurements as well as discussions on practical examples.

Supercapacitor - A Guide for the Design-In Process

The term Supercapcaitor is widely used. It is however, an ambiguous term, for it denotes an entire family of capacitive energy storage technologies. The correct technical term for the SCs in our current portfolio is electric double layer capacitor we may use both terms synonymously. In this application note,

Disinfection with UV-C LEDs

This application note gives you an overview how disinfection with UV-C light works, the benefits of UV-C LEDs and safety issues that need to be considered when using UV-C LEDs in applications.


During development, the connection between the debugger and a micro-controller is important to upload firmware, validating codes or finding mistakes.

REDCUBE Terminals for High Current Applications

Press-fit technology provides a number of advantages in comparison to solder technology.

MEMS Sensor PCB Design and Soldering Guidelines

This technical document provides necessary information and general guidelines for soldering and PCB design for the Würth Elektronik eiSos MEMS sensor products with an LGA surface-mount package.

Derating of Connectors

We know that electrical resistance creates heat when a current goes through it. The amount of heat is directly related to these two parameters.

Effective USB 3.1 Filtering and Protection

Würth Elektroniks' application note for effective USB 3.1 filtering and protection

Advantages of LED Lighting in Horticultural Applications

High intensity discharge (HID) lamps are the current industry standard used by the artificial lighting greenhouse industry because of their economic viability and providing a consistent, adequate spectrum for plant growth.

The Phytochrome System – Why Use Far-Red?

The light requirement of plants is now known to be far more complex than originally thought leading to the development of numerous LED technologies that produce a variety of different light spectra, both monochromatic and polychromatic.

LEDs – The Future of Horticultural Lighting

Greenhouse farms may not be a new technology but with an every growing world population and the move towards sustainability, intensive yet highly efficient and standardized food production will increasingly become the norm in future years.

WE-MCA Multilayer Chip Antenna - Placement and Matching

Würth's application note for the placement and matching of WE-MCA multilayer chip antennas.

Aluminum Electrolytic vs. Aluminum Polymer Capacitor and How its Benefits are Used Properly

Aluminum polymer capacitor (also called polymer electrolytic capacitors or in short polymer e-caps) is a sub-form of the electrolytic capacitors.

ANP059 Characterization Methods for Flexible Absorber Sheets WE-FAS

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) has become a serious problem as it can occur anywhere in electronic circuits with unpredictable and detrimental effects.

Designing Low-cost, Multiple Output DC-DC Converters

This application note will focus on off-the-shelf, 1:1 coupled inductors. Würth Elektronik eiSos offers several families of 1:1 coupled inductors with varying power levels and pinouts, many of which are suitable for adding a secondary output to a buck regulator.

USB Port Protection

Application note for USB 2.0 port protection from Würth.

WE-FSFS Selection and Characteristics

Würth Elektronik eiSos Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheet (WE-FSFS) is a product designed for high performance magnetic flux redirection.

High Power Wireless Power Transfer for the Industrial Environment

Würth Elektronik's app note titled "High Power Wireless Power Transfer for the Industrial Environment".