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Raspberry Pi Announces New RP2040 Pico Variants

Following on the popularity of the Pico and RP2040, Raspberry Pi has announced three new Pico boards, two of which have onboard wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

NECTO Studio 2.0 – Free for Non-Commercial Use

NECTO Studio 2.0 will be offered for FREE to non-commercial users.

How to Add More Digital GPIO Pins to Arduino Projects using Shift Registers

Learn how to easily extend both the number of inputs as well as outputs available for microcontroller projects using standard logic ICs.

Basic Oscilloscope Probe Repair: Replacing Damaged Probe Pins

The most common damage occurring to oscilloscope probes are broken pins; it’s easy to replace them and restore the probe to working order.

How To Build a Simple R-2R DAC Shield for the Arduino UNO

An R-2R resistor ladder DAC is a highly cost-effective and simple analog output solution for low-precision applications with boards lacking a true analog output.

How to use LTspice to Determine Photo Sensing Noise Performance During Sensitive Instrument Design

LTspice is useful in determining photo sensing noise performance in circuit designs for precision instruments.

Generating True Analog Outputs When Using Arduino Boards

Learn why the standard analogWrite function is not what you may believe it is and what other options you have for generating proper analog signals.

Getting Started with Machine Vision using TinyML and OpenMV – Part 1

Introduction to the OpenMV camera.

A DIY Power Supply Unit for All Seasons

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a power supply unit that precisely meets your project’s needs. This DIY design may be the answer to all your problems.

3 Uses for tinyML at the Edge

There are three main use cases for tinyML at the edge; keyword spotting, image recognition, and predictive maintenance. Here’s why.

A Brief Introduction to Analog and Digital Signals

Analog circuits can be very elegant and fast, but require more knowledge than digital circuits, which are typically easier to work with, but often more costly.

Enhance Your Arduino Projects with an External Micro SD Card Reader

While most microcontroller boards have limited memory, it is easy to add an SD card reader to enhance data storage capabilities.

3D Printed Electronics Ready for Primetime: Use it to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, is now a compelling option to help electronics OEMs smooth out supply chains, while reducing emissions.

How and When to use Energy Harvesting to Power the Massive IoT

How and when to use energy harvesting to power the growing variety of wireless nodes in the massive Internet of Things.

How to Add Sound Effects to Your Arduino Projects

Sound effects can add an entertaining aspect, such as custom-built Halloween decorations, or give audible feedback. Learn how to add sound to your project.

Webinar: Unleash your Potential in Smart Building with TE Connectivity and Digi-Key

TE Connectivity and Digi-Key cover various aspects of creating a smart building.

Create Custom Characters using a Common 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display

In this blog we'll explore the data format common character LCDs expect and review Arduino code that generates and displays custom characters.

Webinar: Get Started with Your Precision Wide Bandwidth Design with Analog Devices

Learn about precision wide bandwidth signal chain design and best practices from Analog Devices’ experts.

Advanced Materials Allow Bandpass Filters to Meet Higher Frequency Satellite Comms Requirements

Thin film microstrip on ceramic solutions are meeting performance requirements for satcom signal filtering, even as designs move to ever higher bands.

Edge-Based Machine Learning Application Development is Getting a Whole Lot Easier

Hardware and software support for edge-based machine learning applications.