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3MAdafruit Industries LLCAmphenol ICC (FCI)Assmann WSW ComponentsCompuCablePlusUSAConnective Peripherals Pte LtdDigilent, Inc.EBconnectionsFTDI, Future Technology Devices International LtdMicrochip TechnologyOlimex LTDOmron Automation and SafetyPhoenix ContactSeeed Technology Co., Ltd
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ActiveNot For New DesignsObsolete
-USB Null ModemUSB to IEEE 1284USB to MPSSEUSB to RS232USB to RS422USB to RS422, RS485USB to RS485USB to TTL SerialUSB to TTL Serial 1.8VUSB to TTL Serial 3.3VUSB to TTL Serial 3.3V Logic (5V Power Pin)USB to TTL Serial 5VUSB to UART
Convert From (Adapter End)
D-Sub, 9 Pin MaleUSB-A (USB TYPE-A), PlugUSB-A (USB TYPE-A), Plug, MaleUSB-A (USB TYPE-A), Receptacle, FemaleUSB-C (USB TYPE-C), Plug
Convert To (Adapter End)
Cable, 2 Wire LeadsCable, 4 Wire Leads + 1 DRAIN WIRECable, 6 Wire LeadsCable, 9 Wire LeadsD-Shaped Plug, Centronics 36 posD-Sub, 9 Pin MaleD-Sub, 9 Pin Male (2)D-Sub, 9 Pin Male or D-Sub, 25 Pin MaleD-Sub, 9 Pin Male or Terminal BlockD-Sub, 9 Socket FemalePhone Plug, Stereo, 3.50mm (1/8")Rectangular Connector, Female Sockets, 6 pos, 0.1"Rectangular Connector, Female Sockets, 8 posRectangular Connector, Female Sockets, 8 pos (7 open), 2mm
0.33' (100.00mm)1.41' (429.3mm)1.50' (457.20mm)1.64' (500.00mm)2.50' (762.00mm)3.00' (914.40mm)3.28' (1.00m)4.50' (1.37m)5.00' (1.52m)5.60' (1.71m)5.90' (1.80m)6.00' (1.83m)6.56' (2.00m)8.20' (2.50m)
-Double ShieldedShieldedUnshielded
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