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Typical Product Data and Physical Properties
Solubility in Water: Soluble
Specific Gravity: 0.78
Evaporation Rate: <1
(ether =1)
Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
Flash Point (TCC): 165o F (73.9ºC)
Percent Volatile 100%
Shelflife 2 years
RoHS Compliant Yes
Screen Prep Presaturated Wipe
Product# CSP20
Product Description
Screen Prep Presaturated Wipes are a convenient cleaning
and static control system for use on monitor screens. This two
part system is excellent for use on computer display screens,
scope and dial faces, and glass and plastic surfaces of
instruments. These highly effective cleaning wipes are safe on
plastics and are ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Screen
Prep provides a staticdissipative treatment to the surface to
control staticgenerated contamination. Screen Prep removes
dust, fingerprint oils and other vision-inhibiting contaminants,
and leaves no residue.
Screen Prep Presaturated Wipes contain isopropyl alcohol and
an anti-static agent.
§Plastic Safe
§Leaves No Residue
§Upper Ozone Safe; CFC/HCFC Free
Typical Applications
Screen Prep cleans:
§Computer monitors
§Display screens
§Scope and dial faces
§Instrument readouts
§Equipment glass & plastic surfaces
Screen Prep Material Compatibility Aluminum Excellent Buna-N Excelent CPVC Excellent Epoxy Excellent Neoprene Excellent Noryl Excellent Phenolic Excellent Cross-Lrnked PE Excellent Polycarbonate Excellent Polypropylene Excellent Polystyrene Excellent PVC Excellent Tetlan' Excellent TygonW Excellent Viton'M Excellent Usage Instructions @Chemtronicsr Technical Data Sheet Availability
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CSP20 25 twin packs:
Packet #1 contains 3” x 4” premoistened pad
Environmental Impact Data
CFC 0.0%
HCFC 0.0%
CL Solv. 0.0%
VOC 25
HFC 0.0%
ODP 0.0
CFC, HCFC, CL. SOLV., VOC, and HFC numbers shown are the content by
weight. Ozone depletion potential (ODP) is determined in accordance with the
Montreal Protocol and U.S. Clean Air Act of 1990. The ODP of this product is
Technical and Application Assistance
Chemtronics provides a technical hotline to answer your
technical and application related questions.
The toll free number is: 1-800-TECH-401.
This information is believed to be accurate. It is intended for
professional end users having the skills to evaluate and use the
data properly. CHEMTRONICS does not guarantee the
accuracy of the data and assumes no liability in connection
with damages incurred while using it.
Screen Prep
Presaturated Wipe
Product# CSP20
Screen Prep Presaturated Wipes are generally compatible
with most plastics, glass and metals. Compatibility must be
checked with all antiglare coatings. As with any chemical
product, component compatibility must be determined on a
non-critical area prior to use.
Usage Instructions
For industrial use only. Read SDS carefully prior to use.
Remove premoistened pad from packet #1 and lightly wipe
away any dust or contaminants from surfaces. Remove dry
wipe from packet #2 and wipe surface dry.