Oberflächenmontierte 3W-3535-UV-LEDs | Datasheet Preview

Die 3-Watt SMD-UV-LEDs 3535 von Broadcom sind energieeffiziente LEDs, die mit einem hohen Strom betrieben werden und Wärme effizient ableiten können. Dies sorgt für einen zuverlässigeren Betrieb.

3W 3535 Surface-Mount UV LEDs | Datasheet Preview

Broadcom’s 3 Watt 3535 Surface Mount UV LEDs are energy-efficient LEDs that can be driven at high current and can dissipate heat efficiently, resulting in higher reliability.

Qneo-NIR-Spektrometer AFBR-S20N1N256 | Datasheet Preview

Das AFBR-S20N1N256 Qneo von Broadcom ist ein Nahinfrarot-Spektrometer, das genaue Messungen zwischen 950 und 1700 Nanometer ermöglicht, um den infraroten Spektralbereich zu untersuchen.

AFBR-S20N1N256 - Qneo NIR Industrial USB Spectrometer | Datasheet Preview

The Broadcom AFBR-S20N1N256 Qneo is a near infrared spectrometer that enables accurate measurement between 950 nm and 1700 nm to investigate the infrared spectral range.

Broadcom Isolation Solutions to Drive and Sense IGBT Modules

This video showcases Broadcom isolation solutions to drive and sense the IGBT modules from Infineon and Fuji Electric.

ACPL-C740 | Datasheet Preview

The ACPL-C740, from Broadcom, is an optically isolated sigma-delta modulator that converts an analog signal into a high-speed data stream.

Broadcom Optocouplers Overview

Broadcom Optocouplers offer optical isolation solutions to many industrial, consumer, automotive, military and aerospace applications. The offering includes Gate drive, current sense, voltage sense and digital optocouplers.

AR35 25Bits Absolute Hollow Through and Linear Encoder

The Broadcom® AR35 Series offers 25-bit absolute encoder with a small form-fit factor to maximize the motion feedback system flexibility. The AR35 series offers high accuracy with correction, which is unattainable by the magnetic encoder.

AS35 23Bits Absolute Encoder

The Broadcom® AS35-M23S series encoder is a high-resolution optical absolute encoder module, which offers up to 23-bit single-turn resolution. A key advantage of the AS35-M23S series is the low-profile module assembly.

Broadcom ACPL-W346 Optocoupler | Digi-Key Daily

ACPL-W346 from Broadcom is a high-speed 2.5 A gate drive optocoupler that contains an AlGaAs LED, which is optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a power output stage.

AR18/35 Miniature Programmable Absolute Encoders

Broadcom AR18 & AR35 is a series of miniature programmable absolute encoders with 6-channel incremental output. User programmable resolution ranges from 17 bits to 21 bits.

Avago AEDT 981x Encoder Series

This video covers the features and benefits of Avago's new AEDT-981x encoder series. Industrial grade, high resolution 3 channel Incremental encoders with low power consumption and ease of alignment.

Avago 40G QSFP+ Interoperating With 10G SFP+ Modules

The NEW Avago QSFP+ iSR4 and eSR4 transceivers are both 40Gb Ethernet compliant, and interoperable with any 10GBASE-SR compliant transceiver at link distances up to 400 meters. See the advantages in this video demonstration.

Avago - WiFi WiMax RF Front End Demo

WiFi WiMax RF Front End Demo

Avago Technologies - June 2010 Announces Video

Avago Technologies announces products, events, and news for June 2010.