Beleuchteter Drucktaster der Serie LB | Datasheet Preview

Die LED-beleuchteten Drucktaster der LB-Serie von NKK Switches bieten eine hochwertige Beleuchtung mit Umgebungsbeständigkeit.

LB Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switch | Datasheet Preview

NKK Switches’ LB series LED illuminated series pushbutton switches provide high-quality illumination with environmental durability.

Schalter mit IP-Klassifizierung von NKK | Datasheet Preview

`NKK Switches´ bietet seine IP-geschützten Schalter in beleuchteten und unbeleuchteten Versionen mit IP-Schutzarten von IP60 bis IP68 an.

IP Rated Switches | Datasheet Preview

NKK Switches offers their IP-rated switches in illuminated and non-illuminated versions with IP ratings from IP60 to IP68.

Not-Aus-Schalter der Serie FF01 | Datasheet Preview

Die Notausschalterserie FF01 von NKK umfasst Notausschalter mit niedrigem Profil, Zieh- und Drehmechanismus und 16 Millimeter Gehäusedurchmesser.

NKK Switches SK Series Keylock Switches | Digi-Key Daily

SK series from NKK Switches is ideal for designs requiring cost effective, space-saving, and minimum to medium security switching.

Introduction to SmartDisplay™

Learn about the basics of SmartSwitch in this presentation where we address what a SmartSwitch is, the features and benefits, real world applications, types of SmartSwitch, how to connect and use SmartSwitch, and who to contact for technical support.

NKK Switches SmartSwitch® | Digi-Key Daily

By combining the functionality of an electromechanical pushbutton or rocker switch with a graphic programmable OLED or LCD display, the SmartSwitch is a space-saving, dynamic, multi-function device.

NKK Smartswitch Overview

The video will show an overview of NKK's Smartswitch.

NKK LB and UB Series Pushbuttons | Digi-Key Daily

LB and UB series pushbuttons with protective guards from NKK come pre-assembled with a specified base switch and polyamide rectangular protective guard with cover to provide protection against accidental actuation and environmental intrusions.

NKK Switches S Series Waterproof Toggle Switches | Digi-Key Daily

The S series dual-seal waterproof toggle comes with an IP68 rating, is salt spray tested per MIL-STD-810G, and is an all-in-one switch by combining the silicone rubber boot into the construction of the toggle switch.

NKK Switches JWMW Series Rocker Switches | Digi-Key Daily

NKK Switches presents the JWMW series, one of the industry’s first molded, IP67 rated panel sealed rocker switches with a TV rating.

NKK SmartSwitch Application Video

NKK shows the advantages and versatility of the SmartSwitch™, and how it can be implemented.

NKK Switches SmartSwitch Dev Kit | Digi-Key Daily

NKK's engineering SmartSwitch line of development kits are comprised of ten (10) kits. Each kit is composed of various SmartSwitch product combinations with controls for up to two SmartSwitches/SmartDisplays or one OLED rocker.

NKK Illuminated Pushbuttons | Digi-Key Daily

Illuminated pushbuttons from NKK Switches have alternating legends feature bicolor LED illumination paired with alternating legends to allow for a multitude of customized display options.

NKK M series toggle switches| Digi-Key Daily

NKK's M series toggle switches provides a complete package with the boot actually built into the construction of the switch.

NKK SmartSwitch™ - Another Geek Moment | DigiKey

See how DigiKey puts a new twist on an old game using SmartSwitch™ OLCD/LED pushbuttons from NKK Switches.

Customization of Products

NKK Switches offers customization of products through its subdivision ''Vastek''. On time world-class printing on switch caps and wire harness assembly. Services are performed in our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

3D CAD Library

Join our 3D and CAD specialist Tim for a 3 minutes tour of NKK's 3D model site. He will show you how easy it is to get a 3D model to drop right into your design.

SmartSwitch Programmable Pushbutton Switches

Check out NKK Switches' talented team explaining the difference between a programmable switch with integrated LCD or OLED display and a standard pushbutton switch.