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MicroTouch™ Controllers and Accessories

3M Touch Systems 7310101

Supplier: 3M Touch Systems

Subtitle: Touch Screen Accessories
Description: The MicroTouch™ SC Series Controllers provide the solution needed for long-term viability. This enhanced voltage-driven series supports a full range of common resistive touch screens for LCD’s, while offering tremendous flexibility and high performance at a cost-effective price. This solution off...

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

MicroTouch™ System SCT3250 Series

3M Touch Systems 17-8031-205

Supplier: 3M Touch Systems

Subtitle: MicroTouch™ Capacitive Touch Screens
Description: 3M Touch Systems has more than 25 years of surface capacitive technology expertise and specifically designed the 3M™ MicroTouch™ System SCT3250EX to meet the performance requirements of display applications ranging from 5.70 to 32.00 inches.

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

Touch Screen (Nintendo DSL Digitizer)

Adafruit Industries LLC 333

Supplier: Adafruit Industries LLC

Subtitle: Touch Screen (Nintendo DSL Digitizer)
Description: This resistive touch screen can be used with a stylus or fingertip and is easy to use with a microcontroller. You can put it over a paper overlay for a touch control panel or attach it to an LCD to DIY a touch-activated display. The connector is very fine so it is suggested using a touch screen b...

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

7" Capacitive Touch Panel Overlay for LattePanda IPS Display

DFRobot FIT0478

Supplier: DFRobot

Subtitle: 7" Capacitive Touch Panel Overlay for LattePanda IPS Display - FIT0478
Description: This is a capacitive touch panel overlay for your LattePanda single board computer. Overlay the adhesive panel on your LattePanda 7" display (not included), connect the FPC connector and power the board. This gives you a high-quality user interface for your project.

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

2.8 inch LCD Touch Panel

MikroElektronika MIKROE-241

Supplier: MikroElektronika

Subtitle: MIKROE-241 2.8 inch LCD Touch Panel
Description: The MIKROE-241 is a LCD Touch Panel, 2.8-inch screen size.

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

TS-TFT3.5Z Series

Newhaven Display Intl TS-TFT3.5Z

Supplier: Newhaven Display Intl

Subtitle: 4-Wire resistive touch panel
Description: Touch panel for NHD-3.5-320240 series TFTs.

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays


NKK Switches FTCU04B

Supplier: NKK Switches

Subtitle: NKK Switches Touch Screen Accessories

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

FT Series

NKK Switches FTAS00-104A5

Supplier: NKK Switches

Subtitle: Resistive Touch Screen
Description: Whether an application requires the 5 or 4 wire technology, the features include metal tails (analog), contact reliability with a connector, and ANR film, eliminating many of the typical visual artifacts. The film surface is non-glare and hard coated for ease of use and integrity of the surface.

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays

TP01 Series

NKK Switches TP01104A-4KB

Supplier: NKK Switches

Subtitle: Four-Wire Multi-Touch Resistive Touch Screens
Description: Smooth, light and multi-touch operation on resistive touch screens with glare resistant surface reduces reflection from fluorescent lighting, sunlight. Hard resin coating in film’s surface ensures excellent protection against scratches or damage. Multi-touch touch screens support expanded design ...

Category: OptoelectronicsTouch Screen Overlays