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Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
DL Series
Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
LA Series
Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
LL Series

LA Series

Liquid to Air Systems (LA), Thermoelectric Assemblies

Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.

Liquid to Air Assemblies cool or heat liquids that flow through a heat exchanger. The liquid heat exchanger is designed for a recirculating system, absorbs heat and pumps it through the TEM, where it dissipates into the outside environment through an air heat sink. Specifications apply to an ambient temperature of 32°C and nominal voltage with tolerances ±10%.

  • Compact design
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable solid state operation
  • DC operation
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Photonics laser systems
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Food and beverage cooling
  • Current:2.4A ~ 7.4A
  • Heat Transfer Type:Liquid to Air
  • Power - Cooling:24W ~ 202W
  • Power - Input:29W ~ 178W
  • Voltage:12V ~ 24V

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LA-024-12-02-00-00LA-024-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 24W Liquid to Air24W2.4A12VRoHS
LA-045-24-02-00-00LA-045-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR Liquid to Air--24VRoHS
LA-075-24-02-00-00LA-075-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 71W Liquid to Air71W3.7A24VRoHS
LA-115-24-02-00-00LA-115-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 113WLiquid to Air113W5.8A24VRoHS
LA-160-24-02-00-00LA-160-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 160WLiquid to Air160W7.4A24VRoHS
LA-024-24-02-00-00LA-024-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR Liquid to Air--24VRoHS
387000639387000639THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 202WLiquid to Air202W6.9A24VRoHS
LA-045-12-02-00-00LA-045-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 43W Liquid to Air43W4.1A12VRoHS

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