Soluzioni a sensore

L'obiettivo della TechZone dedicata ai sensori è fornire risorse tecniche e altri strumenti di guida alla selezione dei sensori offerti da Digi-Key. La nostra offerta comprende sensori di accelerazione, inclinazione, navigazione, corrente, ambientali, imaging, liquidi, posizionamento, pressione, forza e temperatura.

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The AS5047D from ams is a high-resolution rotary position sensor for fast absolute angle measurement over a full 360-degree range.
The Avago Technologies AEAT-9000 series are high resolution single turn optical absolute encoders
Panasonic’s factory and automation solutions including PLCs, HMIs, industrial sensors, temperature controllers with PIC, and servo motors available at Digi-Key.
La serie LM335 di Texas Instruments comprende sensori di temperatura in circuito integrato di precisione, di grado militare e facili da calibrare in un contenitore ermetico TO-92.

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Overview of the LTC2983 High Accuracy Digital Temperature Measurement System.
Including an infrared emitter, photodiodes, and signal processing IC, the VCNL4040 is ideal for a range of ambient light and proximity applications.
An overview of the VL610X technology.
MLV Series low voltage pressure sensor family is based on All Sensors’ CoBeam²™ Technology, providing a compensated and calibrated millivolt output signal.

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The VEML6040, with features like 16-bit resolution on each channel, constant performance over temperature, small package size, immunity to fluorescent light flicker, Filtron™ technology, and I2C digit...
Most of us are exposed to large amounts of UVA throughout our lifetime. UVA rays account for up to 95 percent of the UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface. The VEML6070 has a peak sensitivity of 3...
Offering clear- and black-epoxy 1206 surface-mount packages measuring 4 mm by 2 mm by 1.05 mm. Offering a sensitive area of 0.85 mm2, the Vishay Semiconductors VEMD6010X01 and VEMD6110X01 provide a hi...
VCNL4020X01 is an Infrared emitter, proximity detector, ambient light sensor and signal conditioning IC in a single package qualified to automotive AEC-Q101. Product introduction video showing unique ...
STMicroelectronics LIS2Dx 12-Bit, Ultra-Low-Power, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
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